How Long Will the Personal Injury Case Take? Personal Injury Solicitors in Dublin Explains

Every personal injury client wants to know how long his case will take before settlement. This is important for planning and helps to create a sense of certainty over when the case will be over in order to move on with life. According to personal injury solicitors in Dublin every case is unique. There are several factors that differentiate cases and therefore determine how long each case will take.

personal injury solicitors in Dublin

  • Facts And Their Pattern 

The judge and all court officials are guided by the facts of each case. In fact, legal procedures involve preliminary evaluations to assess the legitimacy of a claim and therefore determine whether it should proceed or not. Even the assertion that the accident occurred and you were involved will be evaluated. Your presence and role in the scene will be discussed in relation to what the law stipulates.

Patterns refer to frequency of occurrence. For instance, the stretch of the road may be questioned, including whether the spot has witnessed other accidents in the past. The team of lawyers and court officials will also be interested in the history of the car, company, section of road, person involved and such other repetitive elements. If the pattern points at a trend, that trend will be scrutinized and influence the judgment. The complexity of such facts and the patterns it presents will determine how fast the case is concluded.

  • Issues Being Contested 

Each case presents specific issues to court officials. Some issues will be agreed upon while others will be contested. It is the contested issues that hasten or delay a case. For instance, the extent of physical injury may be visible and therefore not contested. However, the fact that it extends to emotional and psychological damage may be contested. The party responsible may cite other intervening issues that escalate the damage and therefore claim lesser responsibility. This will cause your case to take longer. If fewer issues are contested, the case will be concluded in the shortest time.

  • Parties Involved 

The parties involved in a case will affect its speed of conclusion in regards to their willingness to negotiate. When the defendant takes responsibility of the injury and is willing to provide compensation, the case is closed faster. Arbitration must be the first target before going to court. It is only when the issues are contested that you should result to using court processes because they are lengthy and always expensive.

  • Your Lawyer

The kind of lawyer you hire to represent you in a personal injury case will determine its outcome. If you hire an experienced solicitor who understands personal injury issues, the possibility of a quick and commensurate settlement increases. If the lawyer is also struggling to articulate your issue before the judge or defendant, your case will drag and even not be compensated as you would desire.

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