How to Prove Emotional Distress: Personal Injury Solicitors Dublin Explain

Emotions are difficult to prove because they are not visible. This is unlike a broken leg or arm where you can even present scans. Even a scar can be a sign of a previous injury, but emotional injuries are difficult to prove. However, it is still possible to make claims based on emotional distress. Here are five points that can be used as proof and earn you rightful compensation according to experienced personal injury solicitors Dublin.


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  • Intensity of Injury – A serious injury naturally causes more distress than a slight bruise. This happens regardless of how long it takes to heal or the part of the body that is injured. There are only a few instances when the judge demands physical proof of injury. This is especially in cases where the claim is against negligence. You will only get reprieve if you can proof that the negligence and injury were not intentional. It takes a specialist solicitor to proof the intensity of injury. 
  • Duration of distress- There is incidences of pain and distress that stay with you for a prolonged period. They manifest in such cases as post-traumatic stress. You will have to proof medical attention or counseling sessions for your claim to be granted. The duration of distress and how soon it is expected to disappear will also determine the extent of compensation. Contact a specialist personal injury solicitor to plead your case on your behalf.
  • Bodily manifestations- The body remains with evidence of emotional distress. Some of the manifestations could include ulcers, headaches and mental instability. In such a case, you must proof that the physical signs began to manifest or intensified after the physical injury. Expert medical witness may be required to proof that these manifestations are related to the injury. Medical records can also be used as proof. The defendant will have to compensate for the ensuing physical injuries as well. 
  • Extreme Incidences- There is incidences that result in emotional distress because of their tragic nature than others. For instance, if you survive a bombing, it is easier to proof emotional suffering than if you are a victim of a flick road accident. An incidence that is to be considered must be associated with extreme emotional distress and be supported by both professional witness and a history of such cases. 
  • Human witness- There are incidences where the victim cannot be a witness or whose evidence is not sufficient to support a claim. Expert witness through a note or documentation will be admitted in court. In fact, documentation of treatment or counseling is enough expert witness without requiring the presence of a doctor or health expert.

You will need a combination of evidences to proof your emotional distress case. Get assistance from experienced personal injury solicitors Dublin to ensure that all your concerns are presented. This is the only way to get requisite compensation for the distress caused.

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