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A number of employers take advantage of their position to harass employees. Unknown to many, employment is not a reason to be harassed or intimidated. There are elaborate employment laws that protect you against incidences of unlawful dismissal and discrimination at workemployment law solicitors DublinWhenever you feel like your rights have been infringed, there are employment law solicitors Dublin to protect your rights.

Appeal Options

Employment issues do not begin and end with the Human Resource Manager. Whenever you feel that your rights have been violated, there are several bodies that are ready to listen to your case. They include:

  • Labor Relations Commission
  • Employment Appeals Tribunal
  • Labor Court

Approaching these bodies is a huge task for an ordinary employee. There are conditions that must be met before you can approach these bodies for determination of your case. For instance, you need to have been working for 12 months or more for your case to be heard by on the basis of unfair dismissal. Further, the tribunal will not help you recover legal fees incurred in the process of appealing through the tribunal. Hearings and written decisions take time to come by. Such delays will affect your normal life.

Personalized Appeal

The solicitors recognize that each case is unique. It therefore requires passionate and dedicated approach to ensure that a favorable solution is found. Beyond being heard, you have a right to be heard within a reasonable time. You will need experienced employment law solicitors Dublin who also understand the system and will give realistic expectations.

The determinations made by different courts, commissions and tribunals affect the nature of compensation and settlement you get. With experienced solicitors, your case will be presented in the right forum and the right pleadings made. Details are given attention during negotiation for settlement to ensure that you get the level of compensation you deserve.

Types of Cases Handled

You are at liberty to bring any case where you think that your rights or expectations have been violated. For instance, if an employer promises better terms for you to resign another job and join his firm, you have a right to claim these rights. All agreements, verbal or otherwise must be honored, as long as they can be proven.

Dismissal for whatever reason should be procedural. It must also be done in a way that does not cause tension or stress. Allow the solicitors to handle the case on your behalf and ensure that your rights are not trampled upon.

There are incidences of employers dismissing workers on health grounds. Unfortunately, the health complications usually emanate from work. Such a dismissal would be unfair and deserves thorough scrutiny by an experienced solicitor. You do not have to wait forever for your case to be determined. With experienced solicitors, you will find relief in the shortest time and amicably.

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Lawlor Partners are specialist employment law solicitors Dublin dedicated to ensuring that your employment rights are preserved. We treat each case with the attention and individuality it deserves. Through experience we have assisted employees to get compensations and ensure that their rights are preserved even in cases where those rights were in jeopardy. Our fees are extremely reasonable.