Cycling Accident Claims: What Are Cyclists Entitled To On The Road?

Cycling should be fun but it does not turn out to be so all the time. Accidents occur that are not necessarily because of your errors or negligence. Even a mere fall must never be construed to mean that you were careless in your cycling. Understanding of laws regarding cycling accident claims solicitors will enable you make claims against people who were negligent and caused the accident that just occurred. Here are rights you are entitled to and against which you can make claims.

cycling accident claims

Damaged Cycling Lane

Road authorities have the responsibility of maintaining cycling lanes. If they are non existent, unmarked or have potholes, the probability of an accident increases several folds. With an experienced solicitor, you can make a claim against the authorities responsible. This allows you to demand claims on injuries and scars emanating from cycling escapades, fractures, damaged bike, etc. Even poor signage that caused you to lose control or be knocked by other motorists is a sufficient ground to make claims.

Pets On The Road

The law allows pets to use the road alongside other motorists and pedestrians. However, pet owners have a responsibility to keep their pets under leash and ensure that they do not interfere with the activities of other people. In case you get into an accident as a result of the negligence of a pet owner, you have a right to make a claim. The pet may run across your path unexpectedly. This may cause you to fall or be involved in an accident with other road users. You have a right to use the cycling paths without interference from pets.

Accidents With Other Motorists

There are legal provisions for cycling lanes and lanes for other motorists. Where such lanes are not in place, you have a right to use the road as much as the other motorists have. If you are involved in an accident involving other motorists, consult an expert in cycling accidents to get a determination of compensation. The fact that you are on two wheels and another person is on four does not give him more rights over you. Some of these accidents lead to deaths. You deserve compensation whenever your rights to use the road are violated. There is not better person to plead your case than a solicitor who is a cycling enthusiast.

State Of The Road

It is the responsibility of authorities manning roads to keep them in perfect state for motorists. Poor roads will expose you to accidents. Such roads also leave you vulnerable to injuries from other motorists, poor judgment, etc. For instance, if the road is poorly marked or has not road signs, you are facing death whenever you cycle. When an accident occurs, someone should take responsibility.

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