What to Do When Faced With Hand and Finger Injuries at Work?

Work place injuries are likely to leave you grounded. Some injuries are so severe that they leave you unable to work any longer. Do not suffer because of Hand and Finger Injuries. Here are steps you should take to enable you get full compensation and regain use for your hands without losing your ability to earn.

Types of Injuries:

There is no injury that is too small for you to get compensation. Even a small bruise should not be assumed. Some of the injuries you can make claims against include hand sprains, strains, tears, a fractured or crushed bone, injuries on nerve fiber and severed hand, among others. Do not assume that an injury is too small to seek compensation.

Claims for Injuries:

Making a claim for injury requires a detailed filing. You need to look at the injury comprehensively. This also ensures that you do not need to file another claim in future.  Here are some of the claims you should make.

  • Suffering and especially pain
  • Cost of treatment. This covers medical and hospital bills. Include therapy if you have been undergoing therapy. Laboratory tests should also be included and consultation fees as well.
  • Cost of rehabilitation. This is especially common when there is nerve damage or crushed bones.
  • Costs associated with treatment and the injury. This includes travelling, food, accommodation, etc.
  • Lost income from missed working days of revenue due to incapacity.
  • Loss of quality life due to inability to participate in your hobbies or lack of social life.

The amount of compensation you get will depend on what you claim. You need to convince the judge to give you a reasonable amount.

  • Get Treatment First And Fast:

Getting treatment should be your first concern. Injuries worsen and prove difficult to treat when attention is not quick. Delays may even lead to complications that will have a life long impact on recovery. Rush to hospital to get the hands stitched first before you think of any other intervention measures. When making decisions on compensation, the judge will consider the part you played in reducing the severity of the injury. If you took necessary measures to reduce severity, compensation will be higher and reasonable. Seeking quick medical attention also alleviates your pain. This should apply whether you

  • Report To Relevant Authorities:

The court relies on official reports like police and doctors. Such reports are not subjective and therefor carry more weight. You should present official documents of the occurrence as recorded by these authorities.

  • Collect All Documents Necessary :

The weight of your claim depends on the proof you provide. This proof will only be credible if it is supported by official documents. It will be impossible to proof expenses without receipts. Once you have provided these documents, the judge can listen to your plea easily.

Hire a Professional Solicitor:

Lawlor Partners are your best solicitors for Hand and Finger Injuries claims. Their experience in handling such cases ensures that you get the compensation you deserve. They are your best bet for commensurate compensation.