What You Need To Know About Cycling Accidents In Dublin

In the past few years, cycling has become quite popular in Dublin. However, with the growing vehicular traffic, cyclists are vulnerable to accidents and injuries on the roads. Since cyclists do not have the protection as other road users like car drivers, cycling accidents can range from minor to severe and sometimes fatal. Common cycling accidents include; brain and head injuries, broken bones and burn type or abrasion injuries that occur when cyclists come into contact with rough road surfaces.

Examples Of Common Cycling Accidents In Dublin

Collision with other road users’ mainly motor drivers: when an accident occurs due to a motor driver’s fault, the cyclist is entitled to claim compensation from the motor driver’s insurance company.

Accident due to spillage on road surfaces: when a cyclist suffers an injury as a result of a spillage on the road surface, it is possible to seek compensation if they can positively identify the person responsible for the spillage. Such accidents mainly occur in farming regions where a farmer or their employee accidentally spills sewage or oil on public roads.

Injuries resulting from defective road surfaces: when a cycling accident occurs as a result of defective road surfaces like faulty road repairs or road surfaces that are left in poor conditions during the road work process, a Cycling Accident Solicitor Dublin can help in claiming compensation from the contracted company.

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What You Should Know If You Are Involved In A Cycling Accident

As aforementioned, cycling accidents occur in different ways and it is possible to find yourself in an accident you never anticipated. The roads are fraught with consequences and challenges that can make cycling accidents serious and dire. Therefore, when you encounter a cycling accident and part or all of the blame can be attributed to a third party, then it is advisable to consult a cycling accident solicitor Dublin to reaffirm whether you qualify to claim compensation. The personal injury claim and compensation cater for sustained injuries and property damages. It also covers other issues that arise much later as a result of the accident.

Before leaving the accident scene, ensure that you record or memorize critical accident details such as; how the accident unfolded, motor vehicle registration number, applicable insurance details, contacts of eyewitnesses and if possible, use your mobile phone to record and store as much information about the accident as possible. This is highly valuable information that strengthens your case and increases your chances of getting more compensation.


Cycling accident solicitor Dublin will help you file a highly successful injury claim if you encounter a cycling accident. They will listen and analyze your case and facts before explaining all your options and advising on the best legal path to follow.