Steps For Claiming Medical Negligence In Dublin

Whenever you experience any abnormalities in bodily function, you book an appointment with a trusted GP to get them corrected as early as possible. However, at times, patients end up suffering massive loss due to gross negligence or error in treatment on the part of the medical practitioner. There are instances when medical negligence can turn severe, and patients spend a considerable sum of money in hospitalisation charges or procuring medicines due to blunder in treatment. In such cases, medical negligence solicitors in Dublin can guide you in taking the medical practitioner or hospital to court to claim compensation for their negligent act.

Here are the five significant things which you should know before registering a case against the physician.

Time Limits for Registering A Case

When patients suffer the loss of health or incur financial expenditure due to below standard care and negligence by physicians, they can lodge a case at court for claiming compensation from them. However, there are some time limits for registering the case.

In most areas, the patient must bring their inconvenience to the notice of jurisdiction within three years. There are some exceptions to this condition. If the victim is below 18 years of age or lacks mental capacity then the judge can consider the case even after three years.

What Are the Conditions for Proving Medical Negligence

There are some conditions only when you can establish medical negligence in court. These are as follows:

  • Doctor fails to diagnose the exact malfunctioning in the body
  • Prescribes wrong medicine causing deterioration of health
  • Error in interpreting the diagnostic test reports or conducting the tests
  • Patient suffers from side effects of treatment that they were unaware of
  • Doctor performs a procedure without obtaining patient’s consent

Patients should also have substantial evidence proving these conditions. Without them, it would be difficult to carry the case forward.

Finding an Experienced Solicitor

The next big step would be seeing an able solicitor to fight your case in court. It is essential to find medical negligence solicitors in Dublin as they possess professional knowledge and skill to prove the case.

Share every minute detail with your solicitor so that they can gather foolproof data against the medical practitioner. Ensure you have all medical records, correspondence, and opinions of doctors so that your solicitor can then decide the best course of action.

Presence Of A Medical Witness Makes A Strong Case

If you have medical witnesses who have expert professional knowledge about the incident then it would make the case stronger, and you have a higher chance of winning the compensation. Judges call the medical witnesses at the time of court proceedings for their professional opinion about medical negligence.

So, these were a few significant steps for claiming compensation due to medical negligence. Remember, fighting a medical negligence court case can be a daunting task, especially for patients who have undergone enough inconvenience due to errors in treatment. However, the presence of a professional medical negligence solicitor in Dublin can make the process less challenging.


Medical negligence is a condition when patients suffer inconvenience due to errors in treatment. In severe cases, they can claim compensation from physicians, and medical negligence solicitors in Dublin can guide them in the process.