What to Do After Sustaining Workplace Injuries?

A workplace injury can also be referred to as; an occupational accident, accident at work, injury at work, or workplace accident. It is an unfortunate workplace occurrence that results to physical and mental of an employee. In most cases, employees who suffer workplace injuries are entitled to pursue legal action against their employers if they prove without reasonable doubt that the workplace accident occurred due to unsafe working conditions. Workplace injuries can occur in different work settings such as; offices, industries, farms, or any work environment that an employee is required to be as they execute their daily tasks. Regardless of the work environment and type of injury, it is important to uphold that the work environment was hazardous or unfit. In case of a human error, ascertaining the accident details is crucial when briefing a workplace injury solicitor Dublin.

Making a claim

Before filing a workplace injury claim against your employer, the first step should be seeking medical attention. After which, you should report the accident to your supervisor or superior at work and ensure that you get a written electronic notification from your superior as acknowledgement that you have reported the accident.

After notifying your superiors, the next step should seeking advice from a workplace injury solicitor Dublin. The solicitor will examine your case and guide you through the steps you should take to file for compensation. Note that, you are not legally obliged to notify your employer about your decision to file for workplace injury claims. Your workplace injury solicitor Dublin will write to your employer notifying them of the injury claim. Once you decide to seek legal compensation, it is important that all communication regarding the case is handled by legal representatives.

Workplace injury case settlement

If you are unable to resume work due to the injuries sustained during the workplace accident, you can legally recover the financial and non-financial losses that you suffer. The losses are referred to as damages. General damages are non-financial damages like suffering, pain, emotional, and physical injuries incurred following the accident. Special damages are out of the pocket expenses that are incurred as a result of the accident. They include; medical bills, lost earnings, and travel costs. Note that, workplace injury claims can only be filed within a given timeframe. Your workplace injury solicitor Dublin will guide through the timeframe requirements.


According to the Safety, Health and Welfare Act of 2005, employers are obliged to provide safe working environments for their employees. On the other hand, employees are required to execute their duties according to a standard code of practice. A health and safety breach of employee responsibilities can result to workplace accidents and injuries. Therefore, both employers and employees are required to ensure workplace safety as per the Safety, Health and Welfare Act of 2005.