Things to Keep In Mind before A Fatal Injuries Claim In Dublin

Life is immensely precious and at the same time uncertain in the modern era. There can be unexpected situations when you lose your dear ones due to wrongful acts of others. Incidents like motor accidents can occur at any time, and you may even have to bear the loss of your close blood relative. Though this considerable loss cannot get compensated, the financial burden that dependent family members may have to undergo can be alleviated to a certain extent through fatal injuries claim. A fatal injuries solicitor in Dublin can help you in the legal proceedings so that you do not have to face any more challenges in these unfortunate moments.

Here are some of the points which are worth considering before you opt to claim for fatal injuries in Dublin. 

Who Are The Right Candidates To Ask For Fatal Injuries Claim?

Before suing the wrongdoers for life-threatening injuries, you must know who you should file a claim against. According to a fatal injuries solicitor in Dublin, dependents of the deceased, like children, spouse, partner, parents, or other family members who were directly financially dependent on the victim, can claim for compensation.

Sometimes, the estate of the deceased which has undergone financial hardships due to the death of their owner can also sue the wrongdoers for compensation. It usually happens in the case of small business enterprises where the demise of the director brings uncertainties in the venture.

Under What Circumstances Can You Ask For Compensation?

Individuals can suffer from fatal injuries under various consequences. Motor accidents resulting in death where the deceased person was either driving the automobile or was a passenger are valid cases for compensation. Death may also occur to pedestrians due to vehicle crashes where there are no faults of victims making them eligible for reimbursement. Deaths due to accidents in service hours like workers suffering fatal injuries while working in construction sites or fatalities due to crashes in chemical factories are also legitimate cases of compensation claims.

What Steps Should You Follow For Compensation Claim?

After death due to fatal injuries, the dependents or any other person should at first inform the police about the incident. They should lodge an FIR and register a case against the wrongdoers. It is beneficial to collect relevant information about the accident like details of the vehicle registration number, name of the driver, and photographic evidence supporting your claim for compensation. Obtain a medical report from the paramedics or physicians who have attended to the victim after the fatal injury. If there are any witnesses available at the site of the accident then do not forget to note down their names and contact details. Ask them whether it would be possible for them to appear at court during legal struggles.

It is important to note that obtaining compensation due to fatal injuries is not an easy procedure. It becomes even more stressful for the dependents at the time of agony. It is best to consult a fatal injuries solicitor in Dublin to carry forward the case and get the compensation as early as possible.


Fatal injuries can occur during vehicle crashes or onsite accidents. It can be challenging for dependents of deceased to claim for compensation. The fatal injuries solicitor in Dublin can guide in this process to ease your difficulties.