Tracker Mortgage Compensation Claim Basis

It is clear that over 13,000 banking customers were charged a wrong interest rate on the tracker mortgage loans by different banks. But, in the height of publicity and banks offering compensation to affected customers, how do you ensure that you get the amount of compensation you deserve? It all starts with having a good tracker mortgage solicitor and understanding the different compensation claim basis as explained below.

Statute of limitations

Technically, the affected lenders can argue that some of the compensation claims are statute barred. However, if your bank has acknowledged in writing that there was an issue with your tracker mortgage and goes ahead to offer compensation, a new statutory limitations period should kick off from the date you receive the written acknowledgment.

Health effect

Some customers will be in a position to file for compensation claims on basis of stress that in turn induced illnesses like; heart complications, depression or high blood pressure among others. Note that, some marriages even fell apart due to stress originating from the tracker mortgage issue. In such cases, customers can make successful compensation claims in light of the damaged health and medical bills.

The dominion effect

In some cases where banks applied inflated interest charges, customers defaulted on loan repayments. This gave the banks a mandate to “call in” the loans and appoint receivers. The losses incurred by customers due to the bank’s dominion effect and appointing of receivers can be substantial grounds to file for compensation claims. Note that, some properties were sold by the receivers in markets with no liquidity and they ended up getting low prices as compared to the current market value.

Negative credit rating

Some people’s access to credit services was cut off because of the negative reports that banks forwarded to the Irish Credit Bureau. This is a good basis for defamation claims especially if a customer failed to receive the credit they deserved due to an inaccurate credit report issued by the bank.

Customers’ adjudicated bankrupt

Some of the customers whom banks have offered compensation could have been adjudicated bankrupt as a result of tracker loan overcharge. A tracker mortgage solicitor may be of much assistance if a customer is still in bankruptcy. This is because the compensation or redress allocation must be made between the amounts due for personal damages versus the amount due for breach of contract.

Loss of family home

There were a number of cases where tracker mortgage customers lost their family homes as a result of higher interest rates incurred by banks. Such customers are entitled to high compensations that can only be attained through the help of a tracker mortgage solicitor.

Consequential losses

Customers may have suffered direct losses attributed to the breach of mortgage contract or they may have suffered indirect losses such as; not being in a financial position to finance other investment projects. Note that, indirect losses are hard to calculate and seek compensation for. Therefore, you require specialist legal advice from a tracker mortgage solicitor.


To ensure that your tracker mortgage solicitor makes a proper assessment of your claim, you must be willing to give as much information about your financial circumstances as possible. Do not hold back, answer all questions appropriately, be very honest and provide the required documentation to prove that indeed you had a signed tracker mortgage contract with your bank.