What a Probate & Wills Solicitor Dublin Can Do For You?

A will allows you to leave behind peace within your household after you have passed on. In fact, it is one indicator of responsibility for any human being. It needs to be crafted so that it reflects your wish and is not contested by any partner. This is best done by an experienced probate & wills solicitor Dublin. But what can you expect from the solicitor and what are some of the issues that should be addressed? Here is an expert opinion on areas that require the attention of a solicitor and the expectations you should harbor.

probate & wills solicitor Dublin

Drafting Your Will

The process of drafting a will is meant to indicate your will and leave your family or dependants at peace after you are gone. It will provide a legal basis for your family and friends to deal with your possessions. While the process appears simple, it is complex considering that it is legally binding. With the assistance of experienced solicitors, you can draft a will that perfectly captures your will. All legal requirements like taxes and debts will also be factored. The solicitor ensures that your will is beneficial to family and friends.

Granting Probate

This is a legal process that paves way for the execution of your will. The process involves documentation and has fees that must be paid. These documents require experience and attention to details during drafting. They will determine how easy or challenging drafting your will becomes. Errors on the documents could lead to serious problems during execution. Consult a specialist in probate granting to make execution of your will easy. Delays and contestation become expensive and unwarranted.

Estate Administration

There are legal provisions on what happens when a person dies without leaving a will. Experienced solicitors use Succession Acts to determine how the property is administered. This is another legal process where authorizations must be obtained. Allow a professional to complete the process on your behalf. It is fast and accurate when an experienced solicitor takes charge. Your power of administration will also not be contested at a later date by anyone if it is obtained legally.

Challenge Or Contest A Will

The law allows you to contest or challenge a will. It could be in its entirety or a section of it. Some of the conditions you may contest the will include incapacity of the author to draft, undue influence during drafting, failure to apportion the estate properly, etc. These are delicate matters that require both experience and attention to details. An experienced solicitor also ensures that each member of the family or who is entitled gets a share that is requisite and deserved. Your expectations and assurances made before drafting need to be factored.

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